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External Iliac Artery Endofibrosis and Cycling

External Iliac Artery Endofibrosis (EAIE) is a condition where blood flow is interrupted to the lower limb due to narrowing, scarring or kinking of the arteries around the hip and groin area. Cramp is the predominant symptom and most report a feeling of swelling, numbness or pain that develops in the calf, thigh or buttock on the affected side, as well as weakness and a lack of power. These symptoms are typically only felt at near-maximal exercise, and subside on decreasing the intensity.

EIAE is most often described in competitive cyclists, but has also been demonstrated in a number of other sports people, including speed skaters, endurance runners, triathletes, rugby players, soccer players, cross country skiers and body builders.

Tour de France 2009 - Finish 004 Continue reading »

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The Fireflies Tour

I have fallen in love with the Alps.

When Cam asked me if I’d like to work for his company Alpe on the Fireflies Tour, I did have to have a bit of a think about it at first, being quite a number of days away from clinic and the week before the National Road Race Champs. But I am always looking for opportunities to get out of the clinic and use my skills in an environment that doesn’t involve four walls and a basement. They wanted a female crew member, for whatever reasons (because we are calm, rational, caring etc etc… or not), and I had the added skills of being a Cycling Physio. I’m so glad that I went.

IMG_5255The Fireflies Tour is a ride across the Alps from Lake Geneva to Cannes of mainly media/advertising industry people, arriving in time for the Cannes Lion Festival. Their purpose is to raise money for Leukaemia, with many, but not all, having friends and family affected by the illness. This is the 16th year that it has been run. Continue reading »

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Tales of a toe pointer

IMG_4620I’ve never really had a bike fit. Well, that’s not entirely true, I had one on my TT bike at the beginning of 2011 before my Ironman, but never on my road bike, and certainly not in my current race position. I’ve always known my position is a bit strange, something which was reinforced to me when I tried to sell my previous race bike! No one seemed to fit on it. Continue reading »

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Settling a score with the Alpe

IMG_1641I did the Marmotte Sportive in 2012 and probably had my worse day on the bike ever. Completely my fault – I didn’t really do any specific training for it, then on the day, tried to ride with my friend who is a much better climber than me. I kept pushing and pushing, until eventually the wheels fell off and I started vomitting. But still I carried on, spending the last 4 or so hours stopping, getting off my bike, vomitting (or dry wretching in the end) then getting back on, as I crawled my way up the Galibier, then Alpe D’Huez, obsessed with finishing in a “gold” time. Whenever someone asks me if I’ve ridden up Alpe D’Huez, I usually answer “no” as I can’t call the 2hr ordeal of getting up the Alpe at the end of the Marmotte as “riding”. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to go back and ride up it properly. So 3 years later, with the Tour’s final (proper) stage due to finish on the famous Alpe, it provided the perfect excuse.  Continue reading »

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Self-massage techniques for cyclists

IMG_0921Being such a repetitive uni-directional activity, cyclists are prone to developing tightness and imbalance in certain muscles groups. Here are some do-it-yourself techniques to try to relieve some common tightness encountered by cyclists, or between visits to your friendly Physio or Sports masseur. Continue reading »

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