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About Us

Nicole graduated from the University of Sydney in 1998 with a BAppSc in Physiotherapy. She spent the first few years of her career combining work and travel, before settling in the UK in 2005.

Nicole worked for 2 years in NHS outpatient departments and orthopaedic wards, before moving on to London Bridge Hospital. She spent 5 years working in the physiotherapy department of this renowned private hospital, treating primarily a city-based clientele and closely working with some of the top consultants and specialists. She set up her own business at the beginning of 2012 called Peloton Physiotherapy, specialising in the treatment of cyclists and triathletes. In this time she has treated a whole range of cyclists, from recreational riders and commuters, to elite road racers and professional triathletes.

Nicole has completed post-graduate training in Acupuncture and Clinical Pilates, as well as attending many Sports Medicine and Cycling Conferences, including the Ironman conference in Kona, Hawaii, where she also worked in the Medical tent. Although she has a special interest in cycling, triathlon and running, she also loves a good injury and problem solving!

In her spare time, Nicole can usually be found on (one of) her bikes. She still enjoys travelling, but these days most trips seem to accompanied by a bike. She caught the triathlon bug in 2006, and realised that she was more suited to “long and slow” events. Highlights have been qualifying and competing in the 70.3 World Championships in 2009, and completing her first Ironman in 2011.

She now concentrates on road racing, competing in national-level events for Les Filles RT, the women’s racing team that she co-founded and has managed for the past 6 years.


“I have been treated by Nicole for the last two to three months following a cycling injury that broke my collarbone and elbow. I had severely restricted movement and low strength but in that time Nicole’s treatment has been transformative on putting me back on the road to recovery. What sets Nicole apart from other physios I have used, is the in-depth sports knowledge she has including with regard to cyclists and triathletes. She has specifically tailored my programme with that in mind and also provided a wealth of tips and advice around things like posture, flexibility and strength training. Nicole’s ability to personalise my programme has been invaluable ensuring I progress at the right pace, building and tailoring my recovery programme at every stage and with real understanding and insight into my biomechanics. She’s the best physio I have worked with and I can’t recommend her highly enough to both specialist athletes and non-athletes alike.” – Ben Wilson

“I saw Nicole Oh for a couple of sessions earlier this year as I was having pain in my neck and shoulders when riding my tri bike. She gave me some exercises with fantastic results and I completed my first Ironman 70.3 with zero pain during the bike ride. Just wanted to leave a note of thanks – this has completely changed my Tri bike experience for the better!” – Alex Carrington

“I went to Nicole with pain in lower neck which would come on during longer rides. She took a full assessment off the bike but even while I was chatting she looked over at my bike and questioned what my descending was like given my handle bar position. I had just thought I was a poor descender as I got pain in my hands and had to intermittently stop however she had noticed that my handle bars were tilted upwards too much and my brake/gear levers were too far out given the size of my hands (small).  Easy to fix and what a difference and I hadn’t even gone to see her about that!  The neck problem was treated by recommending a shorter stem (£15 from a bike shop) and she  showed me a better way to sit which incidentally also improved some signs of carpel tunnel and hand tingling.  She also gave me some simple stretching exercises for post ride tension in my upper back. I was emailed all the photos she took during the session.  My neck, new stem and new position was put to the test by taking part the following week in Deloitte’s Ride Across Britain (LEJOG) over 9 days with between 100-126 miles per day in the saddle. I can honestly report I didn’t have any physical problems at all which was amazing given the fact that the possibility of stabbing neck pain more than tired legs, was my over arching worry when comtemplating my ability to complete the ride.  In my experience, Nicole’s background as a physio as well as a cyclist gives her a unique insight into the way bodies respond to a bike’s geometry and how both can be altered to reduce or eliminate pain.” – Alison Dex

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    Nicole is off to Girona with her team Les Filles RT on training camp from 3rd-11th March. She will be back in clinic on 12th March.