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Peloton Physiotherapy are known as specialists in the treatment of cycling injuries, and equally caters for triathletes and runners. We are also proficient in other sports injuries, as well as everyday aches and pains commonly treated with physiotherapy.

We love bikes. We love cycling. We genuinely get excited about cyclng injuries (in a non-sadistic way!). We ride bikes, we also understand what’s involved in your sport/hobby/obsession, from the mechanics of pedalling, the equipment, the training involved, to cycling culture itself. Ditto to Triathlon and running – we have a soft spot for those who choose to participate in endurance sports.


Some of Nicole’s thoughts and experiences of working on the recent Fireflies Tour

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    Good luck to everyone tackling the big Sportives this summer, whether it be the Etape, Marmotte, Maratona or Ride 100. Enjoy!